About the site

Little-Adventures is about the utter madness of deciding to change your life completely by following your heart to explore the world and meet new people with your little one in tow (whilst trying to remain a responsible parent).

The site is a guide based on our experiences of relocating to Buenos Aires and travelling around South America, with some general life advice thrown in as well as some good cakes recipes (the ultimate pursuit of happiness).

I believe parenting does not always mean the acquisition a three bed semi in the suburbs with a decent mortgage rate and ford focus . . .  and there is only one way to find out how true this is!

About us

I’m Gemma Moore, a 30 year old parent originally from London . I run my own sustainability consultancy and I am passionate about protecting our environment. I enjoy baking especially cakes, yoga, eating cakes, history and drinking cocktails with anyone with interesting tale.

My delightful daughter and co-contributor is Isabella, 2 years old.  She too enjoys cooking, drawing, cleaning (yes this is true) and anything Peppa Pig related.


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